How It Works

When we receive your request, we’ll find the lowest price a suitable hotel will accept at that time. Please understand that all prices are based on supply and demand, and can change at any time.

In order to avoid disappointment, and to save both time and money, you are encouraged to provide a ceiling price* and credit card info (including expiration date and security code**) on the contact form (we’re a secure site, so your info is safe). We’ll lock in the best price as soon as we find it, charge the cost of the room to your card, and charge your card a booking fee of $15 per room night.

If you don’t provide ceiling price and credit card info, we will find the lowest available price and get back to you within 24 hours with that info. We cannot guarantee that the price we found will still be available, but will make every effort to minimize lag time and thus avoid price changes.

In all cases, we guarantee our total price is lower than anything you can find on your own. If you find a price published anywhere else that is lower than our price, we will refund the difference immediately.

Please note that once booked, reservations cannot be changed. Please be sure to provide correct check in and checkout dates, as those are the dates we will book.

*Ceiling prices are optional, in case there’s a ‘dealbreaker’ price. You can rest assured that the price we get will always be the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE available, or we’ll refund the difference.

**Security Code is a 3-digit number at the end of the signature panel; OR a 4-digit number above the right side of the account number on American Express cards.